Safari info

Best Time to plan your safari.

Check for green and mid-season rates which can save up to 30% per room per night. Visiting during green / mid seasons give guests the opportunity to find and observe game with maximum privacy; and are good times of year for large groups, as there will be more choice of safari properties with availability and there is an increased chance that a group could have an entire lodge or camp to themselves.

January – March

The hottest and driest time of year, and a popular time for those in the northern hemisphere to escape the cold. Gameviewing is spectacular, and one of the best gameviewing times of year, in both Kenya and Tanzania.  Southern Serengeti is host to the wildebeest migration.

April – June

In Kenya and Northern Tanzania, the “long” rains arrive with the south east monsoon winds. A wonderful time to be on safari – clear spectacular skies, fewer tourists, and the baby boom with many species giving birth in time for the lush vegetation. Birds are in their mating plumage, and wild flowers are in abundant bloom.

Prime time for Southern Tanzania, many of the coastal Tanzania properties are closed.

July – September

The coolest time of year. Many Kenya coast properties close from June to August inclusive.
However prime time to witness the wildebeest migration in the Masai Mara.

October – December

Ideal time of year to come on safari, with the wildebeest migration usually extending into November in the Masai Mara, and moving into Serengeti. November can bring the “short” rains brought by the north east monsoon, usually short showers in the early mornings and evenings.

General Climate

Kenya lies on the Equator, and Tanzania stretches between 1 – 12 degrees south – therefore our dry and wet seasons have relatively stable and pleasant temperatures, and allow year round safaris and game viewing.

Many parts of the country are at altitude, 2000m / 6000ft; these highlands e.g. Laikipia, Mathews Range, Masai Mara, and northern Tanzania experience a cool and temperate climate. Lower regions 1200m / 3800ft, the semi-desert areas of Samburu/Shaba, Meru and the coastal strip, can reach a dry and comfortable 35° C during the day.