Across 11 Counties Overland Experience🚛🚛 – Samburu National Reserve.

Shishi Footsteps👣👣

In total candor, not long ago did I figure out that Samburu is to the north of Kenya. It might either seem absurd or rather bewildering but yeah. Don’t ask where I thought it to be located coz I have no clue of what I was thinking either. Makes me wonder what other stuff I have got assuming in my head😂😂. This is wrong but also besides the point😅.

Today’s destination was going to be Samburu National Reserve, a distance of 318km, 5-6 hrs drive depending on the stop overs. I had an early morning on account of being in the city by 6 am. Cat and dog(call it blessings) weather was the mood that whole week and I don’t know why I expected it to be any different this particular morning but how I wished for it to be Kinder. It was a rough morning and only I can…

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