Authentic Maasai Hospitality!

The true impact of a destination is felt when you visit as a stranger and leave as a friend. Maasai Mara is one of Kenya’s top safari destination mainly so because of the sheer number of wildlife encounters like no where else in the world but a huge part of the experience is the authentic cultural experience one gets when you meet and interact with the Maasai community who call this iconic reserve their home.


The Maasai, one of Kenya’s most famous cultural tribes, a look at them tells the tale of a humble people but their pride in their traditions run deep and has survived for millennia avoiding influence and erosion from the fast changing world around them.


A welcome to their village is a privilege one gets on a #Customsafari that we tailor for you, ensuring you have a first hand experience of their unique lifestyle. Song and dance is an huge part of the Maasai livelihoods and they use it to express themselves. They perform songs and dance for different special occasions, to welcome visitors to their village or ceremonial songs to praise their god for the blessings of rites of passage e.g birth of a new born, initiation, marriage or death, whatever the occasion, the Maa love their songs and its mainly characterized by high jumping routine where the Morans(Maasai  warriors) try to outdo each other with the highest jump.


The Maasai live in a village called Enkang , which is made up of Manyattas, semi permanent mud huts that go back to their tradition as pastrolists, their nomadic lifestyles meant that they could not put up permanent settlements though that has changed in recent years.




The Maasai women do the most within the villages, they are responsible for the construction of the huts, general household works e.g fetching of water and preparation of the food while the men spend the better part of the day out herding their large herds of cattle and provide security from cattle rustlers and wildlife invasions.


The children mainly find ways to keep entertained (Mischievous) while they are not helping their parents, the boys with the men herding and the girls with the women learning their future roles.



The art of fire making, that has been passed on for generations is one of those things you gotta see in action to believe. Usually done by rubbing two sticks together and using dried up grass, a particular favorite is the use of dried up elephant dung.



To crown the visit one must visit the Masai market where the villagers display their best handcrafted wares from jewellery to carvings that make for the best souvenirs and gifts to loved ones.

Let us, the African safari experts arrange for your visit to meet, greet and dance with the Masais to make sure your visit has a positive impact on your gracious hosts as well as giving you an authentic cultural experience to last a lifetime.


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