Adopt a Baby elephant

David Sheldrick Wildlife Trust – adopt an elephant.

Make your Kenyan trip memorable by fostering one of the orphans at DSWT. You can also surprise your loved ones giving them a gift of life .We aspire to give you the most impactful experience when you book a NairobiCityTour  with us. We tailor make your Kenyan safari to include time for you to meet and personally interact with your foster calf.  

Meet Enkesha.

Meet Enkesha,  who was rescued from Masai mara, a survivor of a heinous wildlife crime she was found caught on a snare which had almost severed her trunk,she underwent surgery to reattach the trunk which i am glad to say she is healing well. She is just one of the 22 rescued elephants from across Kenyas wildlife reserves whom you get to meet and learn about the experiences that led them to DSWT. It’s a great job being done by the team and fostering one can be your best way of contributing to conservation.


Its a muddy albeit amazing experience when you get to have that personal contact with the young elephants who are very friendly and playful.


First they get their bottle of special formula milk from their caretakers.


The favorite part of the for the baby elephants is when they wallow in mud in their natural spa, onlookers too often get a taste of the mud bath when the eles’ get too excited and start throwing mud while trotting around and that all adds to a memorable experience if you are one of the lucky one who gets a splash.

What more are you waiting for? Get in touch with our team and lets get you fostering. :))

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