The last survivors – Explore Olpejeta Conservancy

Olpejeta Conservancy experiences go beyond the jaw-dropping wildlife encounters, visiting the chimpanzees and tracking down lions – there’s a whole host of spots around Ol Pejeta that offer unique insights into life in the wild. Coordinate your very own wildlife stake out in one of the wildlife viewing hides, pay tribute to fallen friends at the rhino cemetery, or straddle both sides of the world at the equator line.

See below images of our experience, much of what you can expect when you venture into the wild side.


(The Main Entrance)


Having a foot on each side of the Earth is perhaps on of the best selfie opportunities you will ever get! The southern and northern hemispheres meet in Ol Pejeta Conservancy, and the Equator is marked in the eastern sector of the Conservancy.

Visitors are permitted to get out of their vehicles here, and on a clear day, you will have the majestic Mount Kenya as your backdrop.

A black rhino in the wild. Loners and aggressive its advised to watch them from a distance.

With a population of over a hundred black rhinos, Olpejeta conservancy is the largest black rhino sanctuary in East Africa.

Not everyday do you get the chance to meet, touch and feed a black rhino. Aggressive while out in the wild, Baraka is a tamed black rhino who lost his sight from fighting and disease, though that means he can never be let out in the wild, he is freely doing a great job as an ambassador for his very endangered species.

White rhino lazing in the open plains.

The southern white rhino is said to have the most complex social structure of all rhino subspecies (a group of rhinos is called a crash!) and prefer open grass plains making them easier to spot on safari.

Meet Sudan. The worlds most eligible bachelor, the last of his kind.
Extinct in the Wild

The northern white rhino is a subspecies of white rhino, which used to range over parts of Uganda, Chad, Sudan, the Central African Republic, and the Democratic Republic of the Congo. Years of widespread poaching and civil war in their home range have devastated northern white rhino populations, and they are now considered to be extinct in the wild. Only three remain, all live on Ol Pejeta and they are 24 hr armed security.

Other must see in the olepejeta conservancy are;


The Sweetwaters Chimpanzee Sanctuary aims to provide a refuge for chimpanzees rescued from the black market, and is the only place in Kenya where our closest living relatives can be seen.


After all that excitement of close encounters with the wild, you are sure to rack up an appetite, the best stop over to refuel is at Moranis restaurant for the best burgers you will have anywhere in Kenya.


Make sure to request for the Morani special giant Burger.


Talk to our team for a tailor made adventure to enjoy the best Olpejeta has to offer.

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