Best of Diani Water Sports.

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Whether it’s an adrenaline-fuelled skydive or gentle cruise, the waters off Diani Beach on Kenya’s South Coast are a water lovers dream holiday destination.

Diani makes for the perfect adventure water sports location because the area is still free from large hotel developments and as such, offers a beautiful, safe, hassle free beach. The amazing beach and the calm waters of the beautiful lagoon in  offers ideal conditions for a myriad of activities for all to engage in, individuals, families, groups, schools and corporates. We get you in touch with the teams in Diani that take great pride in their work and believe in offering you easy, hassle free and safe ways to get out on the water having fun, whatever your age and ability.

We have highlighted the best activities to engage in that are easy to master and safe even for beginner thrill seekers.

 Banana boat riding.


Experience the banana boat with the whole family. Fun for all, no one should be left out

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Kindly note minimum pax per banana boat is 3 maximum is 5.


 Jet Skiing Fun rides.


Enjoy diani beach as you ride inside the reef with state of the art jet skiis.

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 Fly boarding session (30mins)


Master the fly board in less than 10 minutes with the Zapata trained instructors.

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 Glass Bottom Boat, Dolphin Cruise and Snorkeling.


For those looking for a more laid back activity, can go on a marine excursion,a gentle boat trip through the mangrove forest or a watch fish dart under a glass bottom boat at Kisite Mpunguti Marine Park. A very rewarding feast of colour and movement year round, with eye-catching coral fish including butterfly, parrot, angel fish and sting rays. Dolphins are common in big shoals.

A full day excursion to the Kisite Marine Park and Wasini Island offer you the opportunity to experience dhow sailing, scuba diving, snorkeling, fine seafood dining at Charlie Claw’s, relaxing by a Lazy Lagoon pool and dolphin spotting in the tranquil settings of the Wasini Channel.

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 Sky Diving,


Facilitated by the amazing team at SkyDiveDiani.

Discover what it means to fly during a tandem skydive over the beach!
Tandem skydiving allows you to experience the thrill of free fall and a magnificent canopy flight over the coastline without any significant training.

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Paddle Boarding & Kayaking.


 Stand Up Paddling is easy and great fun
Stand Up Paddling or SUP was born out of the waterman traditions of the Hawaiin islands. From simply standing on a large board and catching waves, Stand up Paddling has exploded around the world into many different ways to enjoy gentle waves.
One of the appeals of  SUPíng is that it allows almost anyone to paddle around and enjoy the beautiful coastline.


Rent a Kayak and explore.


Its easy to rent kayaks that are stable, whether or solo or tandem, sit-on-top kayaks, designed for recreational kayaking. No prior experience necessary.

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  Scuba Diving


The diversity and spectacle of Kenya’s wildlife doesn’t end at the shores. Just as the plains are a sanctuary for vast herds of plains game, the reefs are home to huge shoals of many species of fish, stalked by undersea predators as fascinating as the lions and leopards.

Wind Surfing. & Kite Surfing.


Discover Kite Surfing & Wind surfing.

Diani had great locations and wind conditions that are ideal for learning kiteboarding. Kitesurf instructors work with a maximum of 2 students  and they will guide you through the lessons, which means loads of action, the right amount of theory and lots of fun doing it.

For more details on any of the activities highlighted, talk to us.

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